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Organic Granola


What Makes Us Different

Small Batch

Special attention in every detail with guaranteed freshness and reduced waste. 

100% Natural Ingredients

Our granolas are all natural, with no added sugars and are made with high quality ingredients. 

Unique Flavours

We are constantly experimenting with new flavours and ingredients to ensure that every bite is full of flavour!


A healthy blend of goodness without compromise in taste. 

Bridging our creative and curious passions, we love to create healthy, wholesome granola and bringing that simple pleasure to you. As a stand-alone snack or as a topping on your yoghurt bowl, Amandes aims to add that little something only our granolas have...

Deliciousness and Nutritiousness in every bite

Each recipe has been carefully curated to enhance the flavour and deliver maximum goodness. 


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Local Delivery

Get your granola order delivered right to your door.


In Store Pick Up

Visit us in store at Bean & Basket.


Queen's Student?

If your a student at Queen's University, orders are available for pick up in Kingston.

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